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Franklin Delano Roosevelt After the election of 1932 Franklin D Roosevelt (FDR) had become the 32nd president of the United States.For most people he had been a symbol of Hope,and FDR spent his time establishing his states confidence and hope.Franklin D Roosevelt had been assigned to change society and governmental politics.And throughout his career he had done many shocking achievements, successful goals and public acts.He helped in many things. President (FDR) had served 12 years in politics, it was shocking to know that he had cancer,a terrible heart disease (enlarged heart) and extreme blood pressure during this period of time. However FDR had still led the U.S and some of the U.S's neighbors through times like WW11 and the Great Depression.During…show more content…
Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin,and Winston Churchill talked about issues of war and peace.On February,11 the conference had later led to the last signing of state communique.He had many face to face meetings and proposed many points especially in the Versailles conference.Franklin Delano had many war aims. Later on when the U.S had entered WW11 (December.7.1941) due to the attack on Pearl Harbor and Germany and Italy had also declared war on U.S.Many critics had suspected that Roosevelt had steered the U.S into war,while professing he was trying to avoid it.But Franklin had to say he was highly unprepared for the joining of WW11 but still lead to the support the U.S and Great Britain.80% of the population had begun to test Roosevelt's ability to interact directly in war.So He had been elected on and off, four different times in U.S's presidential position. However While in war he had dealt with postwar borders and governments of Poland,Eastern Europe. Europe stated

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