Persuasive Essay On Apollo 11

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The United States Of America marched to a victorious win and became the most powerful super power in the world. US. Apollo 11 was one of the most defining moments in american history, we proved ourselves as a nation we can do anything. Advancements in military aromatics and jet propulsion fueled the race to shoot into space (space race). The Solvent Union in 1957 put the worlds first man made object into orbit (Sputnik). The United States shocked by the news respond by forming a space agency know as NASA today. United States struggled at having a rocket getting into orbit. A year later the United States got the explorer 1 into space as the first US satellite. Russia fought back by putting the first man (Yuri Gagarin) in space months before the US. After hearing the news the world stood still; the United States needed to get a lead. On 1961 president John F Kennedy challenged the nation to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. NASA put together missions to test all of the things necessary for a moon mission. The projects Mercury, Gemini and Apollo were all historic steps into executing the…show more content…
Neil Armstrong , Buzz Aldrin and Michel Coins were the brave astronauts commanding the lunar mission. The United States was the first nation to put a man on the moon, the space race was over thus making a huge advancement for the. Winning the space race gave the US a lead not only as being the most advance, but in the cold war as well. The space race scared many americans that pushing the advancement in technology against another county, especially the Soviet Union could end with catastrophic advance warfare(at the time).The launch of sputnik scared americans that the soviets can spy and launch nuclear weapons from long distances locations. The rockets were all originally missiles and the tops were all removed for capsules for a payload of science equipment and eventually

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