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Feminism: Not so Far-fetched Far too often the powerful concept of feminism is regarded ignorantly as misandristic (otherwise known as man-hating). Feminism has acquired an undeserved connotation of not representing equality between male and female genders, even though equality is what fundamental feminism believes in. Considerable thanks must be given to the men and women who helped, and continue to help, to establish western society as truly equitable. One woman had particular influence: Ms. Gloria Steinem. By examining her uncovering of the truth behind Playboy Bunnies, her involvement in the media, and her influence on the concept of reproductive freedom, it is evident that Gloria Steinem was one (and still is) one of the most influential leaders of the Women’s Liberation Movement. Steinem opened the eyes of the public when she went undercover as…show more content…
Incognito, Steinem went by the alias ‘Marie Catherine Ochs’ for the 3 weeks that she played her role as a Playboy Bunny (Steinem). Steinem took a stand, and decided that women were being objectified; this truth needed to be proven. To clarify, the Playboy Club is where young women are hired to roam around the building in exposing costumes, serve drinks to average customers, and to give special treatment to Number One Key-Holders (Steinem). She had gone through uncomfortable situations in order to expose the lives of Bunnies, one of those instances being a medical examination during her first view days. In other words, in order to serve drinks to eager men, Gloria Steinem was subjected to be touched and internally prodded. During her interview, Steinem had begun to explain her false character’s background, to which, her Bunny Mother said, “We don’t like our girls to have any background, we just want you to fit the Bunny Image,” proving yet

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