Letter From Birmingham Jail Summary

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In his Letter from Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King Jr. says he should not pay attention to criticism or he and his secretaries would not have gotten get any work done. Although, he felt like he had to explain why he did what he did in Birmingham because people were being persuaded to the reasoning of the “outsiders coming in” (King, 1). The outsiders are basically anyone that the problem at hand isn’t affecting directly. Anything that happens to you directly effects everyone surrounding indirectly. King argued that you can never be an outsider if you live in the United States, because you must know your rights to protect to them. MLK was serving as president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is an organization operation in every southern state, that helps advocate for human rights. Birmingham was the most…show more content…
Typically, in a democracy educated people are the ones that are most likely constructing the laws. People that are illiterate are unwilling to vote because they don't know how to read the names on the ballot, thus creating an unjust society because the uneducated simply can't make a decision in their society because their ability to read and write. Personally I think it’s easier to treat someone unfairly if they aren’t knowledgeable because they are unaware of their rights. Back in the day, voting was limited to the men that were able to read and write, they had to pass a literacy test to be able to vote. Martin Luther King reiterates that minorities weren’t given an opportunity to receive a proper education. Without education it would be so easy to persuade someone that a cat is a dog. Simply put, without an educated society of participants there is better chance for democratic corruption which then leads to social
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