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In the futuristic novel Delirium, written by the international bestselling author Lauren Oliver, love is a disease and it finally comes with a cure. Equivalent to all novels, many literary devices are used throughout the novel. Themes seem to be the main focal points of this story. Several themes can be noted from the beginning to the end of this intriguing narrative. However, there are two primary themes that can be identified throughout the length of the story: love and transformation, both separately and combined. In this essay, I discuss the numerous literary devices that emblem the entity of Delirium, an intriguing novel about a girl’s life in dystopia. At the beginning of the novel we see Lena, the protagonist of the tale, as a terrified teenager that can’t wait to be cured of the disease they call amor deliria nervosa. However, as we…show more content…
It can be felt, seen and shown in a million and one different ways. A sense of Lena’s love can be felt towards her younger cousin, Grace, and her best friend, Hana, at the very beginning of the story. Even though Lena thinks that she knows practically everything there is to know about love and all of the bad things that come with it, she can’t see all of the little ways that she already begun to love. This is because all of the books in the world will never be able to describe every aspect of the way that love works. From the way that she holds Grace at night telling her that everything will be alright and especially to the way that she puts her own life on the line, during a raid night, in order to alert her best friend at a party, who may or may not even, be there. Lauren Oliver states again in the same interview with Young Adults Magazine that she wanted to not only write about a romantic love, but love and all of its forms. It is through her family and her friends that we can see all of the different forms of love, away from just the romantic aspect of love that we see when she is with

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