Spirit-Led Preaching By Greg Heisler: Summary

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Summery Spirit-led preaching is a book that was written by Greg Heisler. In this book, Heisler takes a look at the Holy Spirits role in the preaching process, from preparation to the sermon delivery. The first three chapters in the book: take a look at where the spirit is during preaching, defining spirit-led preaching, and the Biblical foundations for spirit led preaching. In the first chapter, the author talks about how preaching has fallen on hard times and his reason for this is the lack of the Holy Spirit in preaching. He does not give the exact answer why this has happen, but he thinks preaching classes not talking about the Spirit’s role in preaching have a lot to do with it. In the next chapter, Heisler talks about how most pastors us the text to drive their sermons. The author think that this is wrong and…show more content…
He explains how both the spirit and the word are Christ centered. The author explains that the preacher does not need to try to balance the word and spirit, but instead, the preaching needs to be filled fully with the spirit and the word. Chapter seven and eight talk about the work of the Spirit during sermon preparation and delivery. The author explains how a common misconception about the spirit is it only shows up during the delivery. The author argues against this and shows that the spirit must be at work in the pastors life, from picking the text to offering and invitation. He even explains that the spirit will keep working long after the sermon has been preached. The book closes by talking about the anointing of the Holy Spirit. The author gives some characteristics of the Spirits empowerment: freedom vitality, power, and possession. Another issue that the author talks about, is why the spirit is often weaken. The reasons Heisler gives for this is: pride, prayerlessness, fear of man, sin, and

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