Forensic Science Career Research Paper

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Bethany Boldeau I am interested in studying Forensic science as I am intrigued to learn the forensic skills in psychology and criminal justice. I would love to go to university as I want to become a professional forensic scientist and get my PhD also, I’d like to improve my laboratory knowledge and skills. I know I would enjoy this course as I’ve aspired to become a forensic scientist for years; I have always been fascinated in the way forensic science works in the laboratories and crime scenes. I have always had an interest in science and problem solving and I believe that a career in forensic science would be the best way to combine my interests. Currently I am studying BTEC Science at level 3, which is related to Forensic science as I’ve learnt about psychology and the ways in which the mind works; this is relevant as the forensic science course covers the psychology of the criminal mind; which I would like to learn about. I would also like to learn about crime scene…show more content…
The fundraising was a challenge as I had to raise £3195 however, my group worked well together as we did a lot of joint fundraising such as baking and selling cookies at fairs. We also organized bag packing for customers in Waitrose during the holidays. I decided to be a part of this experience as I know it will allow me to help those who are less fortunate, and will bring me closer to my friends and team mates. This allowed me to experience and gain the relevant skills needed for forensic science such as team work, and helped me to be more independent as I was in a foreign country without my parents. I have gained a lot of confidence from this experience as I had to learn some words in Swahili and interact with people from Tanzania. From this experience I am proud to have achieved an ASDAN universities

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