Forensic Observation

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For the purposes of this paper I will be developing a basic identification, excavation, and recovery plan for a purposed forensic situation. In this case on January 18, 2015 a scatter of human skeletal material was found on a small two acre farm plot. The remains were discovered by a group of children who were cutting though the field on their way home from school. The farm is adjoining a two lane county road, and divided by a fence made of barbed-wire, with a narrow row of trees running adjacent to the fence. In order to maintain the security of the crime scene the first thing that I will do is to establish a security perimeter around the area. This will consist of a primary zone that will extent out 150 ft. in every direction from the…show more content…
First, is the material indeed bone? Are they animal bones or are they indeed human remains? And lastly, if the bone is human, is it of a forensic or archaeological significates? To establish the answers to these questions, I will contact the locale forensic anthropologist that the local police department has on retainer. I will ask the forensic anthropologist to examine the size, maturity, and architecture of the bone to establish the answers to the first two questions. And lastly, I will ask the forensic anthropologist to examine the odor, texture, hydration, weight, color, and condition of the bone to determine the forensic significates of the material. Once I have received confirmation from the forensic anthropologist that the material is indeed human bone which is of a forensic significates (less than 75 years old in Florida), I will…show more content…
The total size of the 3 security zones is 450 yards. Due to the size of the area and the vegetation (the row of trees separating the field from the road), I have decided to use a grid method search pattern. I will place 20 people at a spacing of 22.5 ft. apart along the road at the southeast corner of the field. I have decided that 22.5 feet apart should be sufficient for the grid pattern search because of the limit amount of vegetation in the area (limited number of trees along the perimeter). I will provide the 20 volunteers with wooden stakes that are painted either yellow or red. Yellow signifying osteological material and red indicating possible evidentiary

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