Foreign Policy In Egypt

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pt Foreign Policy post January 25th Uprising Introduction Foreign policy is the interaction of a specific country with another country, or the outside world. Foreign policy of each country primarily depends on the country’s national interest. The role player in forming the foreign policy of a country is the president, and there are some institutions that help him in his role. It depends on the constitution of each country. To strengthen ties and relations between countries, it depends on the agenda of each country and its foreign policy. In Egypt, the foreign policy has changed frequently due to the change of regimes. The change in Egypt’s foreign policy was not just in the last four years, due to the two uprisings Egypt had and the changes…show more content…
The Arab spring along with the Palestinian issue are the two main factors which define Egypt’s position in the region politics. Egypt is starting to lose its regional influence, and other neighboring countries are trying to take this position. After the January 25th uprising, the position or the role of Egypt in the Middle East is re-defining. Qatar as an example is trying to take Egypt’s place as a leader for the Arab world by trying to help in peace negotiation, and help in solving conflicts between countries that do not relate to Qatar’s national interest. Qatar is just doing so for international recognition, and to take Egypt’s place as a leader of the Arab world. However, Egypt has always had a role towards Arab and Middle East countries. Egypt had also been trying to solve conflicts in the Gulf war quarrel between turkey and Syria in 1998 (preventing a possible war), and also Egypt has been participating in conferences to find solution between Palestine and Israel. “Egypt still occupies the intellectual center of the Arab world but the influence now is less than before”. The lack of intellectual leadership is one of the main reasons for the changing of the role of Egypt in the region. Egypt is rich in Islamic issues and studies due to the presence of Al- Azhar. On the other hand Egypt is considered poor concerning the economic issues. The economy of Egypt…show more content…
The ministry of foreign affairs has always been a key player in Egypt’s foreign policy. However, during Mohamed Morsi’s ruling period the Ministry to foreign affairs stopped being a main player in forming and shaping the foreign policy if the country, and it started to take a backseat to central national concerns. “He was planting the seeds for a drastic shift in the country’s foreign policy orientation and operation”. Morsi was working and changing Egypt’s foreign policy for the interest of the Muslim Brotherhood and not in the interest of Egypt. Enormous changes had happened in Egypt’s foreign policies that lead to international problems and weakening the ties between different countries. For Palestine, Muslim Brotherhood had a close and good relation with Hamas which lead to the formation of an illegal tunnels between Egypt and Palestine for the first time, as a result problems started between Egypt and Israel due to the establishment of these new illegal tunnels. The close relations between Egypt and Hamas during Morsi’s ruling period lead to long-term consequences for Egypt national security. These tunnels were the reason for the foundation of the illegal arms in Sinai and for the foundation of terrorist groups and attacks in Sinai. There was a reforming in the relations between the Egypt and Iran, and tourist groups had started to come to

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