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For many years’ music has played a huge part of the African American Society African Americans use music to reflect and express events that have occurred in everyday life. Spirituals were used by African American to help with maintaining faith and getting through trying times and situations. Spirituals were used in church settings and many of the singers then transitioned over to signing blues with using the same heart and soul to express their feelings about personal relationships. There are many similarities and differences when it comes to Spirituals and Blues music. In African American music and literature, the vernacular is related to what is trying to be expressed. With African American spirituals and blues songs…show more content…
These blues were designed by mimicking Negro spirituals and songs that were used during slavery. Blues was originally started in New Orleans and other southern states. Many of the earlier blues songs used the call of response technique that utilized crown participation between the singer and the audience. Blues music was considered to be secular and did not have any reflections of an outcome of ending up in Heaven or meeting God. Many Blues songs envisioned hope of having a better life of trying to be successful in personal relationships. W. C. Handy is known to be the father of the blues because he invested time and work into understanding the blues and then turning it into song. Mamie Smith was the first black female singer to have songs recorded. Race Records were songs that were recorded by blacks between 1920 and 1930. Gertrude Ma Rainey was known as the mother of the blues because she was the First female blues singer to be allowed to perform mainstream. There are many traits that can be used to recognize a blues song. Many blues songs are song by an individual and are used to deliver an underlying message... In most blues songs humor is used to brighten the original message that is being told. In the song My Handy Man the singer is singing about women saying that there are no good men but she delivers the message as if she is speaking of a
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