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Specific Language Impairment There are varieties of disorders that can affect children’s language skills. Many have well known names such as Down syndrome and mental retardation. Such syndromes gain the familiarity through media and through being involved in schools as parents, teachers, and students. However, if you ask people if they have heard of specific language impairment (SLI), most of them would say “no”! Specific Language Impairment has been actively studied for more than 40 years. It’s the most common diagnosed communication disorder in schools. SLI affects 7.4% of kindergarten children. Researchers define SLI as “Significant limitation in language functioning that cannot be attributed to deficits in hearing, oral structure and function,…show more content…
In other words, they may use vocabularies that usually occur at an older age, but they may misuse some of their age-appropriate vocabularies. They also represent with pronoun errors, auxiliary verb errors, and verb endings errors. This population usually speak with fewer morphemes and shorter utterances. As toddlers, SLI population represents with less vocalization, less varied sounds, and less syllables structure. Phonological processes occur in units of varying words length, not in one- or two-word utterances. Therefore, their pronunciation or their continuous speech, to be more specific, may include significant errors that can affect the overall intelligibility. The comprehension of the SLI population is extremely affected. They usually have Poor discrimination of units of short duration. They also have difficulty constructing an integrated representation of a series of events, such as comprehending a story, or recalling multiple-step commands. These children display less interest on non-object play. For example, they may not like games such as hide and seek because toys and objects are not used. Therefore, the comprehension of children with SLI is a primary weakness because their attention and working memory are strongly

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