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MarziaSaramad Prof. Riaz Khan Transnational Asia 23 February, 2016 A critical Review on “The BuzkashiBoys” BuzkashI is an ancient Afghan national game, the history root of goes to Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan. In this violence game expert horsemen “aim to pick up the carcass of a dead goat, carry it across a field, and drop it in a pre-designated circle” (Carberry and Faizy).The Film has been nominated for Oscar in 2013. The film is made and directed by French filmmaker, Sam French and runtime is 29 minutes and 54 seconds (BLUME). The film shows the lives of two young best friends a blacksmith’s son and a street urchin. The film shows Afghanistan after war and shows that how war impact on the future of new generation after decades after…show more content…
The film is made by French filmmaker, Sam French. This film is one example of that stereotype of orientalism that western people have in their minds. The movie shows the story of two friends that both cannot gain their dreams even though one of the stars dreams to become a buzkashi rider which is the most violence game but he dies. It means an Afghan child is more likely to be violence and in Afghanistan if you follow your dream you will die or all afghan children have the same fate. The movie is full of sorrow and hopelessness. Everywhere and everything are destroyed and the people do not know other thing rather than this destroyed environments. The filmmaker may did not want to introduce the misery face of Afghanistan to the world but this film will impact the mind of people who watch this movie about. The movie starts hopelessness and end hopelessness and the situation do not change. The final scene shows the most painful part. One star is died and other is giving up the dreams with hopelessness. The Medias have role in transferring and conveying from one part to other parts and from one generation to other generations and people convey their thoughts by it about different things. Movie has the same role. In this movie shows that what is the imagination of western, especially French people about Afghanistan as one country in

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