Marriage In Ancient India Essay

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LAWS RELATING TO MARRIAGES IN ANCIENT INDIA “Marriages is the common status of one man and one women unified in law for life, for the discharge to each other and the community of the duties legally present on those whose association is founded on the difference of sex.” Marriage is a general institution and it is that social relationship which is found everywhere in the world. However ,it is not possible to trace the beginning of institution on the basis of any reliable recorded history. In this chapter we will going to examine the status in ancient time. In ancient times the institution of marriage was not in vogue. In procuring partner for connubial union man demonstrated activity as of animals. This psychology of the ancient society brought in uncertainty about the paternity of children. Sooner or later man quest for…show more content…
Here the bride and the bridegroom get married secretly without the knowledge of their parents. This kind of marriage is similar to the love marriages of today's generation. It is not considered a right kind of marriage as it is done against the will of the parents so it is inferior kind of marriage. This marriage reminds us of the love affair of Sakuntala and Dusyanta. In the Asura type of marriage the groom is not at all suitable for the bride. In no way he is a match for the girl but the bridegroom willingly gives as much wealth as he can afford to the bride's parents and relatives. So the system of marriage is more like buying a product. In Arsha type cows are given in exchange for the bride but there is no compulsion like the Asura type. Even the groom is also not so rich and powerful like his counterpart in Asura type. Rakshasa marriage is a type, in which the groom fights battles with the bride's family, overcomes them and carries her away and then persuades her to marry. This is not considered as the right kind of marriage as you are forcing somebody to

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