Flow Experience Research Paper

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“Flow is a state of deep absorption in an activity that is intrinsically enjoyable . . . . Individuals in this state perceive their performance to be pleasurable and successful, and the activity is perceived as worth doing for its own sake . . . . and the experience itself becomes its own reward” (Shernoff 160). Several of my flow experiences have occurred during art classes that I have taken in high school, the most memorable being a quilting class. These flow experiences are the most memorable because I remember having the most fun while completing these activities. Quilting qualifies as a flow experience because it is enjoyable and rewarding. Travel back to the last trimester of my junior year, most likely mid-March. I was enrolled in a…show more content…
After you have learned how to use a sewing machine and have decided on fabrics, you must fold and cut each fabric according to the pattern you are using. Once each fabric is cut, the colors can be arranged in anyway as long as they fit with the pattern. Next, comes the stressful part of the project. Each row of cut pieces is sewn together, then the long rows are sewn together as well. However, each piece has to be perfectly lined up in order for the finished product to look like the pattern. Once all of the rows are sewn together, the face of the quilt is finished. The borders are sewn to the edges of the face, creating the quilt top. The three layers that make up a quilt are the quilt top, the batting, and the backing. Batting is like a white, fluffy cloud. Backing is a large piece of fabric that is slightly larger than the quilt top. The order in which the layers must be laid out is batting, backing, and the quilt top, which must have the brightly colored side facing down. Pins need to be placed around all four edges and then the quilt is sewn together for the final time, leaving a one to two foot section not sewn. Finally, the quilt is flipped inside out and the hole is now
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