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I find Psychology and Criminology fascinating, and I am dedicated in fulfilling a deeper understanding of how crime rates affects our contemporary society as a whole, the motivations behind the crime, and to analyse the mental state of the criminal to understand how and why they think in such a way. I regard Psychology as an intricate puzzle that strives to unravel an understanding of human perception, emotion and behaviour, and by piecing the puzzles we would comprehend the complexity of the human mind. Criminology is the foundation to understanding the complexity of society's laws, and allows for individuals to analyse what criminal behaviour truly is, and what could be classified as criminal behaviour. I feel these courses would help achieve my ambition of becoming a…show more content…
I participated in the National Citizen Service program, which encouraged me to partake in activities outside my comfort zone. I saw myself as a shy individual unwilling to seek new experiences, however, with assistance from the program, I was able to overcome my limits and break away from my reluctant persona. The programme helped me to improve my CV, learn first aid and successful leadership skills. I also volunteered to help improve my community by raising money for charity and took part in labour-based work to noticeably make a difference. I was active in the Student Union to help plan school events, such as fundraisers for the Anthony Nolan trust. Through these activities I learned leadership and organisational skills. I took part in IFS Student Investor programme which helped me learn how to invest my money and strengthen my team-working skills. I have learned how to appropriately invest in stocks and calculate interest rates, and I was instrumental in helping my team to achieve the

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