Fistfight In Heaven

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The events in the lifetime of an individual can sometimes be summed up with a simple metaphor. This metaphor can encompass the reality of an individuals experiences, and sometimes it can encompass the reality of an entire community. Throughout a series of short stories presented in The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, we see both the an entire community and an individuals life summed up in the metaphor of hurricane. This storm was one that spanned decades and was redefined with different generations that re-solidified the reality of the destruction which was taking place on an Indian reservation in Spokane Washington. The uncomfortable reality that persisted within the book was that this storm would continue to present itself in the…show more content…
One central character presented in the short stories is that of Victor. He was a toddler in the opening chapter that was introduced to this volatile storm right from the start. In his first years of life he witnessed a fight between his uncles Adolph and Arnold which would become a foundation for the reality of the chaos taking place on the reservation. Likewise, through the stories presented from the cast in the community, we see the evidence of classicism, economic disparity, and racism as central themes throughout the book. These themes ultimately present a framework for the underlying issues related to poor health, violence, and divorce that leaves the community in a never ending storm that wreaks havoc upon their lives. Classism is a central theme and an important framework to the environment we witness on the Spokane Indian reservation. While the stories themselves do not directly reference classism, we can look deeper into the problems on the reservation as direct evidence of its existence. The reservation which was established as a plot of land for the tribe has been subject to neglect and abuse by the government. Native Americans there often suffer from poverty and a steady supply of cheap commodity foods and products that are supplied by the government. The reservation is littered with commodity housing and HUD housing
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