Native American Vision Quest

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Vision Quest Vision Quest is an old tradition of the tribes which is an effort to attain a vision of the future. It holds a unique significance in many cultures. It’s merely the vision seen which reflects both, the past and the future. The Indian culture firmly believes in this practice, not only because it becomes accurate at times, but also they respect that as a private communication with the creator who they believe knows above all. The Indian culture is comprised of the many myths and cultural events which take place through generations of their lifetime. One of the cultural events comprises of the vision quest, which is a journey every Indian struggles to complete. Which not only reveals the real purpose of their life but also unlocks certain gates for the paths they must travel in their life. But the boarding procedure on a quest differs from tribe to tribe. It is furthermore explained by Winona LaDuke in his compiled article; Vision Quest of the Native American, as to how the role of vision quest is played in the words: ”Those of us on a spiritual path and more specifically on a Vision Quest believe that we are put on this earth for a special reason, but that reason is not always clear…show more content…
I felt it in the sunlight..” (Alexie 61). This illustrtaes the fact how firmly they believed in these visions. Not only for the present but Thomas has had such alluring visions in the past too about the future which turned out accurate. Thomas said, “..He wants to run and hide. He doesn’t want to be found.” (Alexie 61). Thomas told this to Victor when both used to play around, unknowingly that this vision came true and Victor’s father did leave. On some quest of his own, to discover himself that every Indian intended to do as the goal of his

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