Essay Comparing Women In Jennifer Government And Stranger Than Fiction

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There is a common theme in literature that a woman needs a man to survive. Yet, all too frequently literature never points out that the opposite may be very well true. The book Jennifer Government by Max Berry and the movie Stranger Than Fiction directed by Mark Foster both shine light on the fact that a man can need a woman to survive. In Jennifer Government, one of the male protagonists Hack shows his true reliance on a woman in his relationship with Violet. Harold, in Stranger Than Fiction, is incomplete and consequently needs Ms. Pascal to figure out his mystery. In both works of fiction it is evident that a man is incapable of living without the help of a woman in his life. Hack in Berry's book lived a life of lackluster and failure ad was…show more content…
After a day of auditing Ms. Pascal she offers Harold cookies which he refuses. Later Harold says, "thank you for forcing me to eat them" (Stranger Than Fiction). Due to Ms. Pascal's insistence Harold ate the cookies even though he had not wanted to. Harold lives a life were he does everything by a plan and never strays from it. It took Ms. Pascal's insistence in order to get Harold to live a little and eat cookies. Throughout the story Harold enlists the help of Professor Harold to figure out what the narrator in his head will do to him. Professor Hilbert tells Harold, "go make [your life] the one you've always wanted" (Stranger Than Fiction). After that moment on the screen Harold is standing across the street from Ms. Pascal's bakery. When the Professor told Harold to make his life the way he wanted his direct action was to go to Ms. Pascal's bakery. In going there it shows just how much influence Ms. Pascal has on Harold and that he needs her in his life. Also that the life he ultimately wants is with Ms. Pascal illustrating his need to have a woman in his life to survive.

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