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Effects of lies and truths on AnneMarie's story, her relationship to the adults in her life, and her journey from girlhood to womanhood are detailed in Number the Stars. AnneMarie has to deal with people lying to her for her safety and relationships between her and others changing. This causes AnneMarie to take on a little more than she should. AnneMarie goes from girlhood to womanhood a little quicker than most children her age have to. AnneMarie is constantly dealing with lies being told for the safety of herself and others. Uncle Henrik and AnneMarie’s mother lie to her about having a “Great Aunt-Birte.” “Mama has never lied to me before. Never. But I know there is no “Great Aunt-Birte.” AnneMarie said. page 75. This shows that sometimes people lie for the protection of others, and in this case, AnneMarie was lied to for her safety. Even though you or someone else might be lying for a reason, still doesn’t make it okay to do. During Number the Stars, AnneMarie is also lied to about her sister's death. She was told that her sister was in a wreck, but they didn’t tell her what happened. “From the military car, they saw her running, and simply ran her down.” Said Mr. Johansen. page 131. In…show more content…
She has to keep a secret about not having a “Great Aunt-Birte.” “AnneMarie nodded. She felt older, suddenly.” page 77. When Uncle Henrik told her there was no “Aunt Birte,” and they told her that to protect her, she felt more grown up. She was glad that she could be protected with that information. When people are told serious secrets, it makes them feel trusted, and they feel happy. Sometimes you might think you can’t tell someone a secret because they are too young, like AnneMarie, but sometimes it is best for you to tell the person you are trying to protect. AnneMarie changes into young lady quickly because of the information she is told and all the brave things she is asked to

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