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Introduction Understanding health and safety at work is the most important object in work place. In this report, you will be leaning the health and safety legislation of Tesco and the effect it will have in the business working environment and what employees and directors/mangers are required to do to make that happen. First of all Tesco’s is a public limited company (PLC) which is owned by shareholders and it is multinational retail store. Tesco has a management system that defines the structure of how it maintains health and safety of their customers, employees and employers as you’re going to see below and as a result of this report, you will know what legislation is and the key features of legislation. 1a, Include an explanation of the…show more content…
This act consists of several sections which the business a has abide by in order for it to exist and some of them are; Section 3  Involves employers to ensure that non employees who may be affected by work activities are safe for example if there was pregnant woman in Tesco and something happened to her, it is the duty of Tesco staff or employers to ensure that the pregnant woman gets all the care she can get.  To ensure that employees who are affected by exposure to hazard substances are not exposed to them for their health and safety for example wet floors could be a danger to both employees and people in general Section 4  It requires anyone responsible to be in charge of controlling premises to other non –employees Section 7  This involves employees to take proper responsibility for themselves and other non-employees who maybe be affected doing work hours  To communicate with their employers in order to carry out their duties and to share knowledge and skills of health and safety at…show more content…
This law involves many regulations in which people need to abide by. For example; Regulation 3  It is the duty of the employers to take responsibility and make sure that all electrical cables are installed safely and are covered in power lines. Also make sure that all electric equipment must be installed by professional and qualified electrician. Regulation 4  It requires all electrical system to be safe and covered power lines for the safety of both the employer and employee and that any protective equipment provided must suitable and easy to maintain. Regulation 5  It suggests that there will be no electric cable or equipment connected into the system if its strength will exceed the limit be. The control of substance hazardous to health regulations 2002 (COSHH) The COSHH law requires employers to ensure or protect their employees and other people who may be affected by hazardous substances by carrying out risk also require employees to take care of themselves. Both employees and employers need

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