Essay On Cafe Health And Safety

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The food business thrives on the eternal love for food that people have. A cosy cafe or a posh restaurant, depending on your personal preference, is most likely to lighten up the mood with the gush of endorphins. It seems all hunky dory on the outside, for sure. It’s a time bomb! However, did you know, that operations of a cafe is one the riskiest jobs in the industry? With multiple hazard prone zones such as the kitchen and table tops, it is essential to consider the safety and wellbeing of the employees and customers alike. As an employer, their life is your responsibility. You do not want your cafe to be ticking bomb anyway! Why should is take care of cafe health and safety? Even though the premise of a cafe is really promising, it requires a lot of strategic planning to achieve the minimum safety standards which are not just…show more content…
With a lot of electrical equipments around, it is essential that they undergo proper servicing and replacement in case of any damages. • Educate employees: Not everyone in the kitchen is aware of the know-how of the latest fancy blender or that coffee machine. Workshops and training programs for the employees can help them in understanding the operational procedures of the equipment they are supposed to use. Properly maintain the health and safety standard of the cafe not only wins multiple accolades and appreciations but also brings in loyal customers. A tweak here and there in terms of precautions and preventive measures taken can amplify the credibility of your place giving it the much required boost that every cafe business needs. Précis: Health and safety standards in a cafe or a restaurant should not be taken for granted. A properly equipped kitchen is prone to massive failure if it does not take into account the possible disasters that might occur due to negligence or sheer

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