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Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee The book Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, shows how the United States was taken over and how the whites went about taking this land. The Natives Americans and whites fought over the lands, causing a vast amount of bloodshed. Whether you agree with the ways of takeover or completely disagree with them, I will explain how I believe the situations could have been handled. The real question is whether the fighting and killing was worth it? In chapter three, Little Crow’s War, the Santee Sioux were promised provisions and money from the United States government. When the government never came around to providing all these provisions, the Sioux started to retaliate. Little Crow advised that he didn’t want to start…show more content…
Obviously the Cheyennes were angered by the new coming soldiers. United States soldiers attacked the Arapaho village and destroyed the whole thing. Claimed to be a massacre of the weaponless Natives, the whites claimed the Natives should have only had a few guns. Nonetheless, the whole situation could’ve been handled in a more cautious manner. Having the whites stay in their respective territories along with the Natives in there's, none of this bloodshed would have ever…show more content…
When the U.S. government gave the Natives the right to keep the Black Hills, they didn’t realize there was an abundance of gold in them. Of course, all of that gold had their crazy white minds wanting this land back. General Custer led an army to Little Bighorn where a large battle was fought between the whites and Natives. The Natives won, yet the U.S. government was able to justify their taking of the Black Hills due to the battle at Little Bighorn. Once the whites came into the land, Sitting Bull and some of his men were able to escape to

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