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Oodgeroo Noonuccal was an Australian poet, artist and educator. She was also a supporter for Aboriginal rights. Oodgeroo was best known for her poetry as she expresses the aspects of Australian experience through her poem and was the first Aboriginal Australian to publish a book of verse. The poem “No More Boomerang” is written from a native Aboriginal woman’s perspective and relates to “Aboriginal Australia” as it explores the representation of Aboriginal Australian culture. The poem “No More Boomerang” by Oodgeroo Noonuccal, describes how the aboriginals were had a much better life when off with the poverty, constant warfare, and strict social orders of aboriginal society than they are in modern wealthy democracies. The Aboriginals feel they had lost they culture because it has been destroyed by the settlement of “white people” on their land. Also it describes the differences between life in Australia in the present and the past, and how it is slowly changing from ordinary to been controlled by whites.…show more content…
The White men had treated the aboriginal’s like low social status people and being racist toward them. Will all of the progress going on around culture, which has forced aboriginals to be familiar of the new way of living; “No more message-stick;……..got television now.” This clearly reveals the poet’s attitude concerning the replacement of aboriginal culture for more civilized culture. The poem consists of thirteen stanzas of four lines, each of similar length. In each one, the rhyming scheme is ABCB, where the second and last line of each stanza rhymes in order to give the poem a flow and reinforce the message conveyed in this poem. The rhyme of this poem make readers feel the changes from one generation to another generation as the aboriginal’s culture vanished as white man’s culture were used

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