Equal Rights Amendment Pros And Cons

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Equal Rights Amendment Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was first presented in United States constitution. It was written by Alice Paul who was the key founder of National Women’s Party and Crystal Eastman in 1923. In 1920 when women’s right to vote was assured as per 19th amendment then ERA was first proposed in congress. The main purpose of Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) is that men and women should enjoy equal rights in whole United States and everywhere subject to their law. According to Alice Pau, the right to vote would not provide equal rights to women and it would not end discrimination based on sex. That’s why Paul and Crystal Eastman jointly drafted this amendment which was presented in every congress between 1923 and 1972. This amendment…show more content…
The only right women’s were enjoying was right to vote. Apart from this women’s were not at all equal to men in any field of life. Like without ERA, women had to fight regular battle in order to prove that their rights are equal to those of opposite sex whereas males occasionally face such situations. These discriminations made very difficult for women to survive freely in United States. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was an initiative taken by Alice Paul in order to improve the standards of human rights in United States as well as globally. If we see the past history there are many initiatives taken by women in order to secure their rights but still women’s are failed to enjoy some major rights which men’s are enjoying. If we see in our society the discrimination between men and women are not just came from constitutional laws but it also came from individual behavior and society norms and practices. The major discrimination and distinction between male and female develop at the time of birth and after that it keeps on increasing with the passing of time. Women who are fighting for their rights themselves created such discrimination while bringing up their male child by treating them in a way that they are superior creature and they are different from opposite sex. Such practices in our society are the major cause of gender

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