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Nissim Ezekiel, a phenomenal Indian English poet of great merit, stressed majorly on Religion and Culture in his poems. Seeking the ‘Invisible’ or ‘Unknown’ was the sole objective of human life according to him and the same thought has been reflected in his poems. Ezekiel’s religious and spiritual journey influences people of deep intellectual thought. Ezekiel’s poetry imparts reflection of various mythological theories. His poetry exhibits his vast knowledge of all religious trends and fluctuations. The profound influence of his jewish origin is quite obvious and the impact of Indian culture and influence of western spiritual giants like T.S Eliot, W.B Yeats and W.H Auden is also visible. Although it is true that Ezekiel follows his own genre…show more content…
William Walsh is right while finding in Ezekiel a ‘vigilant observer’ of the outer and the inner world and discovers in his poetry, “the union of life and peace.”1 His poetry can very easily be considered a perfect blend of visible and invisible, visual aspects give way to reach the invisible which is common practice of almost all religious poets of his…show more content…
Ezekiel’s traditional values are transparently clear from his objectivity towards himself, which is also an Upanishadic quality. Ezekiel does not restrict his thoughts; he does not circumscribe himself to any single doctrine of spiritualism rather he speaks about all established principles and beliefs. This is the greatness of the poet that he does not speak in favour of any religious doctrine neither he is against any religious dogma. He takes numerous examples showing his beliefs in Hindu mythology, in his ‘Tribute to the Upanishads’ the poet writes: “For the present, this is enough, That I am free To be the self in me, which is not somebody, Not at any rate, The mortal me, But the eye of the

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