Importance Of Business Events In Malaysia

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Malaysia as an event destination grew steadily since 1985 when the first exhibition venue, the Putra World Trade Center was completed. Since that time Malaysia has been recognized as one of the global event destinations. As the market grows so did competition. In order to capture and maintain market share, Malaysia needed to improve its services for the meeting industry in order to stay competitive in this industry. Malaysia has been a popular destination for international conferences and meetings which are commonly known as business event over the past few years. According to International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) statistic, a recorded number of 12,076 rotated international association meetings within Asia-Pacific, Malaysia ranked…show more content…
Malaysia’s stable political environment will strengthen investor’s confidence and continue to attract foreign investments into the country. The country is a multi-cultural and multi-racial ethnic but living in a safe and comfortable environment. Business event planner locally or aboard feel safe to organize conferences and meetings in our country with all the security measure assured. Malaysia favorable exchange rate has made the country a competitive destination as a venue for international event such as conventions, exhibitions, sports, concerts and cultural events. In addition to physical infrastructures, tourist friendly legislations such as the Visa-On-Arrival given to foreign tourist and business people from targeted countries making it easier and less stressful for them to visit Malaysia. In the recent years, the attractive high exchange rates between the Malaysian ringgit against the US dollars mean even more “bang for the buck” for event organizers and

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