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Frightful Future In Feed M. T. Anderson in his work Feed, warns us that technology is getting out of control if not used appropriately. A lack of awareness has created a situation in which consumerism, capitalism and advertisement are destructive. Feed depicts a world that has become a place where the Internet and social networking has dismantled personal connections, the ability to communicate, political awareness and most of all the ability to think. Anderson’s view suggests it is already impossible to resist the Feed. Beginning with capitalism, it is one of the most influential causes of the devaluation of political awareness in Feed. Capitalist societies like Feed, in which corporations control everyone’s thoughts, from growing up on kids' programming, to attending School™, to being constantly bombarded with advertisement of products to purchase, narrows…show more content…
Corporations monitor people’s thoughts and emotions, and use this information to arrange the costumers’ desired products that accord with their costumer profile created by the Feed. The corporation pressures people in purchasing unnecessary products, to stay in the trend and fit in with the group, and it is shown when Titus states “It was like I kept buying these things to be cool, but cool was always flying just ahead of me, and I could never exactly catch up to it. I felt like I'd been running toward it for a long time” (Feed). This mindless consumerism depicts how people do not have an identity without their capability to adhere to trends and current styles, which brings to the dehumanization through a consumerist society. In fact in Feed, values like individuality and identity are meaningless, as everyone is told to buy and do the same things. Consequently, people who do not fit in with the mainstream, like Violet, are considered

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