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In Feed by M.T. Anderson, any form of oral communication is destroyed by the feed. Through what is called m-chatting, the characters do not find any reason to actually talk to each other and creates a very bad environment for humans to live in. With the feed, the only relationships that are truly present are the ones between the corporation’s products and buyers. In the book Violet is constantly trying to warn Titus of this problem, but the influence of corporations is too strong, and Violet dies in defying the feed. Though, Titus and Violet are together there is very rarely any personal relationship between the two, and therefore when they break up Titus only thinks about himself and is defiant to think about Violet for several months. One of the biggest…show more content…
When we talk to someone we learn about what are interest’s are, and what we do, and by learning about that person we interact to change ourselves to be able to communicate. This can be by doing something that you would have never done before or doing something you have with that person. An example can be that someone tells you about a television show that you have never watched. By watching it you change your interest’s to be able to have common ground which can also build relationships. In Feed, the characters are all very similar in their personalities. They are all interested in buying what comes up on their feed and buy it. For this reason Violet and Titus find it very difficult to communicate with each other. Violet is different from the norm of their world, she does not buy what pops up on her feed, because she confuses it by going into stores and not buying anything. This is not a problem with any of his other friends such as Link, Marty, who ends up saying Nike in every sentence he says, and Calista. Since they are LUI (Living Under the Influence,) of the feed they easily get along with Titus do not with

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