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Academic writing is referred to as a style of expression that people use to define the psychological boundaries of their regulation and their specific areas of skills. Academic writing offers knowledge in different styles ranging from social science to the field of humanities. Academic writing in social sciences has an important role in studying and solving problems for both society and people. While on the other hand, academic writing in humanity can be described as the study of how people communicate and document the human experience. Academic writing is a type of specific language, features and purposes that can be defined by its human behavior, characteristics, and emotions. Academic writing in the field of humanities have many skills…show more content…
The concrete aspect of academic writing is audience, purpose, strategy, organization, and style. Furthermore, the measurable and observable boundary of academic writing is the structure and features of the article. I chose academic writing in the field of humanity because writing academically is formal and has numerous purposes for the reader. Although there are some differences in academic writing there are many benefits throughout the aspect and what it illustrates. In articles there are numerous ways a person can write academically they just have to do research because it is an essential part of any good academic paper. For example Rita Felski said “For critics who are disenchanted with the spread of theory or who simply want to explore different kinds of scholarly writing, autobiography offers an appealing alternative.” (Nothing to…show more content…
They share the same characteristics, purposes, and examples. Some of the things they do not have in common are that there are articles that have different formal of writing and have differences in the tone and style of writing. Although there are shared characteristics and there are also some dissimilarities it illuminate academic writing in how there can be differences but articles can still be good for people. In contrast academic writing has differences in writing there are numerous structures and styles. Although there are comparisons and differences in academic writing this is still a great way to

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