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Microbes are microscopical tiny organisms including the bacteria, virus and fungi. The terms of microbes is the short form of word microorganism. It can be found in the air, soil, water and living on and in our body. Microbes are single-cell organisms that are so small and millions of it can fit into the eye of the needle. The microbes also invisible and can’t be observe under the microscope. Microbes is the oldest organisms that live in the earth before the dinosaurs. Some of the microbes have already exist for billons of years. The microbes can live by individual or in form of cluster in communities. The scientist has make the experiments to classified the microbes to helps the people or students to studies and understand more about the…show more content…
The nitrification process is the process where the microbes produce the nitrate from the process of the oxidation where the nitrogen compound is reduced. This process have two step to be done. First step is ammonia oxidation, the conversion of the ammonium to form nitrite by the ammonia-oxidizing bacteria of Nitrosomonas. Then the nitrite will be oxidized to nitrate by the nitrite-oxidizing bacteria of Nitrosomonas. This process is an acidifying process because one percent to three percent of the nitrogen is lost to the surrounding. Besides that, denitrification is the reduction back of the nitrate into the large amount of the nitrogen gas to completing the nitrogen cycle. This process is perform by the bacterial species such as the Pseudomonas and Clostridium in anaerobics conditions. This bacteria uses the nitrate as an electron accepter in the place of the oxygen during the respirations process. The anaerobics bacteria also can live in the aerobics conditions but the denitrification only occurs in anaerobics conditions. The denitrifying bacteria will used back the nitrates in the soil to carry out the respiration and in the same time will produce the nitrogen

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