Fear And Power In Batman

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Fear and the power it can hold over us, could be considered the prevalent theme of Christopher Nolan’s film ‘Batman Begins. This theme is explored through the use of plot, characters and production techniques. The plot sets the movie based around the concept of fear and power, which then joins with how the characters react and act in the film. Using advanced video production with a variety of shots, lighting, sound and Mise en scene cleverly uses production techniques to emphasize the theme of fear and power. Fear and power could be considered one of the main themes in Christopher Nolan’s film; Nolan cleverly explores this theme through the plot as the movie is strongly based around fear and power. Batman’s early childhood began with the…show more content…
In majority of the scenes the sound sets the theme and sense of fear and fright into the audience, this is used in the scene when Bruce goes exploring in the cave and it plays eerie sounds along with sound of bats flapping, this may be done with diegetic sound and mainly non-diegetic sounds which are usually chilling music or sound tracts that is not present in the movie but noticeable to audience, the yelling in fear is maximized to get more attention, this is noticeable in the last scene when scarecrow releases the gas in to the air and everyone screams in fear. Along with the mostly dark background theme to symbolize fear and darkness, camera techniques are also used to emphasize fear and power. Fear is evident when scarecrow is clueless of where batman is and the camera skips shots all over the area to show confusion and fear as well as using POV of scarecrow to get a idea of his fear. The camera also does Dutch tilts and overhead gliding shots over Batman to show more power. Tracking shots are used to show the fast movement of batman and ECU into the eyes is used to show fear. A good example of all shots being used to show fear and power is when batman is on the roof top and lighting is used to spot light the figure while helicopter shots, and gliding shots with the use of long shots make the figure of batman look powerful, especially the shot of camera at low point to his body which makes him appear

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