The Dark Night Research Paper

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If the safety of a city was in your hands, you had the power between life and death of the citizens; wouldn’t you bend the rules and break a few laws to make sure it all went in your favor? Batman is the anti-hero because he goes outside the law to protect the citizens of Gotham, he does this because of selfish reasons instead of being selfless. The Dark Night uses the idea of how far one is willing to bend the rules in time of emergency. Batman strives to be the hero, to save everyone. The madness has been unleashed and at this point it seems nearly impossible to go back to being a normal society. Bruce Wayne is at a constant battle between himself and questions his morals in the movie, “Gotham needs their true hero, and I let him [The Joker] blow it half to death.” In this quotation from the movie Wayne struggles to see himself as the hero from this point in the movie. In the beginning he thought he was doing the city some good, but as things got out of hand he found himself doing the killing of citizens instead of the Joker. This is why the batman is seen as an anit-hero. Batman wants to be the person who saves the…show more content…
This quote is said by Bruce Wayne and in the movie takes a step back and looks at where he stands as an authority figure and whether he is even saving the city at all. The more Batman tries to be the hero the more danger the citizens of Gotham are in. Batman will throw people off buildings, tangle up the S.W.A.T. Team, and also catch Rachael from the top of a building, all this to save the person he loves, and a few people that have an effect on his daily life. This point also proves that he is the anti-hero because, for example say a true hero went to go save hostages in a building; this true hero would find a way to save everybody on that building floor instead of risking a few lives to save a few. The Batman does a give and take method in the movie, he will risk a few lives to save
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