The Three Villains In The Batman Trilogy

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The 3 villains in the batman trilogies are the antagonist to the main character of the trilogy, Bruce Wayne/Batman. The Batman trilogy develops around advice given to Bruce by his dead father Thomas Wayne “why do we fall? So we can learn to get back up”. Each villain in the movie plays a role in this statement given to Bruce by his father. In Batman Begins the Scarecrow plays the role of defining and building Batman as a vigilante while in the Dark Knight the Joker plays the role of making Batman fall and in the Dark Knight Rises Bane plays the role of making Batman learn to get back up. In Batman begins the villain, Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, is a psychoparmacologist who creates a fear inducing toxin which he uses along with his persona based on a brown gas mask that he wears during his experiments to render patients crazy. Nolan uses CGI to create the Scarecrow and shows point of view shots of victims of his drug creating a sense of fear associated with the Scarecrow making the scarecrow one of…show more content…
The joker is a mysterious villain who has no ultimate plan except to terrorize Gotham and plunge it into anarchy. In this way he is Batman’s exact opposite and his role in the Batman trilogy is to deliver the fall of batman, thus since the Joker is the exact opposite of Batman it is only natural that when the Joker falls so does Batman. Nolan extensively uses camera techniques to show opposite parallels between the Batman and the Joker such as in the Party scene where the camera circles around the two with a slight low angle making no character look greater than the other but at the same time creating a sense of fear and intimidation as the audience can only focus on the joker holding Rachel. Nolan also makes use of the Kubrick stare to show the Jokers insanity, showing the Joker has no evil plan to take over the world but instead to watch it burn, heightening how dangerous the Joker

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