Similarities Between DC And Marvel

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DC vs Marvel Dwain Douse Sheridan College When the term superhero or comics are ever mentioned, it always results in people bringing a conclusion with two things, super heroes and the nerds that treat it like a religion. Most often the general public will put all comics together as one big happy family of heroes who are all pretty much the same, aside from the flashy costumes and catch phrases like, "My spider sense is tingling or Its clobbering time ". However, by comparing things such as character backgrounds, origins of power, acceptance by the public within the story, and most importantly the reader's ability to relate to them, DC and Marvel, do create characters with amazing heroes with unparallel abilities they also have two different goals in mind. The difference though, is that DC uses their heroes to create stories make believe and leave readers in awe, while fellow Marvel focuses more on creating stories with real life issues for their heroes.…show more content…
For instance, Superman's abilities are explained by the fact that he is from another planet that got destroyed. Unlike DC counterpart, Marvel's superheroes always get their powers from scientific malfunctions, like The Hulk being born due to gamma radiation or the X-men by genetic mutations. A perfect example that fits to this, is how high school nerd Peter Parker also known as Spider-Man, was bitten by an experimental species of spider which caused his blood to mutate transforming him inside and outside, as he is able to "do whatever a spider

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