The Pros And Cons Of The Interstate Highway System

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Introduction There are few people who can say their life would not be different if it weren’t for the construction of the Interstate Highway System. The Interstate Highway System was one of the largest and most significant civil engineering projects. The highway system influenced and influences society, the economy, and the environment, and while not all effects of such a large project were positive, the highway system has arguably been a net positive. Societal, Economic, and Environmental Impacts Arguing that that the highway system has been a net positive requires justification, as the project’s completion was not without its drawbacks. If one asked people what the interstate highway system has done for the country, they would most likely hear “it helped the economy” or…show more content…
These economic benefits allow for easier expansion of business, allow for people to get access to newer products in less time, and without the interstate highway system it’s unlikely that we’d see and be able to utilize nearly as much technology as we are accustomed to today, at least at the current price. Beyond economics, the highway system has also provided social benefits. The interstate highway system allows longer commutes to work, makes work-related travel which in turn allows people more privacy and more affordable housing [2]. Additionally, the interstate highways are typically safer to drive on due to wider lanes, more lanes, straighter paths, and controlled accesses [3]. Overall, safer and faster commutes allowed suburban communities more freedom and choice of where to live and where to work, which for some families certainly would be a more enjoyable living

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