Obese People In America Essay

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The number of obese people in America is growing at a fast rate of two in every three people being overweight or obese. What exactly is causing this strikingly large result? Studies have shown that nutrition, lack of exercise, health literacy and technology are all factors contributing to this. Embarrassingly, America is known for its love for deep fried food. People from other countries think America is full of grease and sugar loving people. It’s starting to show that this might actually be a true statement. Our society would much rather eat a greasy meal from a fast food joint than spend a little extra money for a healthy meal at a store. The food we eat plays a huge role in our bodies and how they look. Everyone has heard the saying “You are what you eat”, but the meaning might stand for more than what people comprehend. Your body thrives off of certain vitamin rich foods to receive its nutrients. If it does not receive these then that’s when certain diseases or problems form. Among…show more content…
These acids are what make your cells accomplish what they are made to do. Proteins help build up your immune system to prevent you from getting sick. New cells are also built and old ones are repaired using amino acids. If the body does not have enough resources to build new cells then it will begin to break down muscles to get what it is being deprived of. Additionally, carbohydrates are necessary to keep the body’s sugar levels even. The digestive system pulls the sugar out of food and puts it into the blood which causes the pancreas to start releasing insulin. The cells receive the blood sugar and the levels begin to fall. This makes the pancreas transition into releasing glucagon, causing the liver to release stored sugar. Insulin and glucagon levels are now even and have supplied the body with the appropriate amount of blood sugar. Carbohydrate intake plays a large role in the development in type 2

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