Essay On My Ideal World

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Back when I was younger I also believed in the "American Dream" the perfect house, perfect husband, perfect kids, and I being the perfect house wife. But as I grown I see now I don't wan't the "American Dream" I like the idea of being alone and being independent, most importantly I like the idea of everyone being free to be who they are. The men can love men, the women can love women, the men who wore born women are called men, the women who wore born men are called women, and ect. The perfect world has no more hate crimes or discrimination, no slut-shaming, no sexist people. My perfect world shouldn't be an "ideal" world but an improving world. I was always so in involved in what the "perfect life" would be, the beautiful children that would have their own lemonade stand, selling them for 25 cents, a husband to provide for us, a beautiful home, maybe even a dog. The idea become rotten as I got older. "What a boring life" I would think to myself. As time moves on and my mind started to…show more content…
We did not have historical heros die for nothing. Martin Luther King did not die just so people can wear KKK outfits and harasses people of color, Abraham Lincoln did not die so people can look down on servers/waiters/waitress. Even the idea of Malala. I inspire to be her, she fights for feminism and she fights for teaching. I'm not asking for people to be totally reckless. I'm asking for people to just live. Don't think of "what would my parents think?" "what would my guardians think?" "what would my boyfriend/girlfriend think?" instead think "what would I think?" "what makes me happy?" I am so sick of hearing the stories of the depressed or anxious and them hiding what they are because they're scared of what others think of them. We need to do better, we need to help each
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