Elie Wiesel Night Reflection

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Final for Reflection Question #1 Fernanda Gutierrez Franco 8A May 10th, 2015 I believe that Elie wrote this book because it was a way for him to communicate and explain what happened throughout those years of suffering. Elie and the other jews suffered a lot during the holocaust. Elie lost everything during the holocaust. His family to his fate to his need for life. Elie was filled with regret after not following the warning from Moshe the Beadle. Elie wondered what would have happened if they would have actually believed what Moshe was telling them and warning them about. Maybe Tzipora would still be alive, maybe they would have never been in the concentration camps, things would be different then. He regrets not listening and acting properly like Moshe wanted them to. Sorrow and hate began to fill Elie every moment.…show more content…
Over time, Elie witnessed the change in humanity. For some victims, family relations mattered no more. Attacking each other became an entertainment for the SS officers. So much horror changed each of the victims. Starvation was also one factor that lead to the change in appearance and for majority who they actually are. How would Elie tell the world what he had seen and been through? He decided to put it down on paper and to rewrite his experience. The creation of his novel Night became an awarded novel. This was a way for Elie to show the world what was hidden for a long time. Writing this book was a way for Elie to let everything out, to have some understanding. Nobody can actually imagine what happened. The survivors of the holocaust would probably not want to share their experience due to the fear of remembering those memories. We are pretty lucky to have Elie share his experience with us throughout his

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