Native Title Is Not Land Rights

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7. What is meant by the saying ‘Native Title is NOT Land Rights’? The aboriginal indigenous individuals living in Australia have encumbered many issues within the Australian legal system and law rights. Indigenous people have been legally fighting with Australia for many, many years regarding the land they claim is theirs. It became very difficult to understand by the general society as these are complicated concepts and many individuals acquire limited legal knowledge. Native title and land rights are only a fraction of their concern regarding this issue, but it is an important one to note. As mentioned before, Native Title and Land Rights are different concepts, and Native Title is not Land Rights. Many individuals confuse these two, although…show more content…
Aboriginal land rights in Australia are simply the fact of returning the land to Aboriginals by the commonwealth or other governing bodies. Land rights are very important to Aboriginal individuals, as they are very religious regarding to land and nature, reasons include; the religious understanding of the land, hunting, fishing and other aboriginal activities are all apart of the Aboriginal lifestyle and the land they live in. For Aboriginal individuals living in Australia, it is not only about simply owning the land but rather having freedom and being able to do what they like and practice their traditions in their own land however they would like without being bothered. Aboriginals are very spiritual and they see land as their spiritual development, they believe the land is their gift from god and they are to use that gift to their advantage. Land rights in Australia provide Aboriginals with legal ownership of the land, which provides for security, safety and most importantly a major part of their lifestyle. Aboriginals clearly persisted and tried their hardest when acquiring land rights from the Australian government by doing many Aboriginal protests with aims of the government to hear their voice and also their cry. Ultimately, land rights are the legal permission of Aboriginal to freely own the land they’re living in and to do whatever they…show more content…
Eddie Mabo had a major role in campaigning for land rights in Australia and was apart of a decision of the High Court of Australia overturning the legal doctrine of terra nullius. Not only did the Mabo case include native title, but land rights were also a major part of it. Eddie Mabo made a historic change to the Australian law, he overruled the concept of terra nullius and the law stated that native title was still existent in many places of Australia even though the land legally wasn’t theirs. The Mabo case not only helped the Meriem people claim ownership to the Murray Islands, but also granted many different indigenous individuals power to claim ownership of sacred land in which spiritually bonded to and are able to practice their own traditions and customs freely. In general, Mabo fought for Aboriginals and Torres Straight Islanders for Australia to recognise their traditional ownership to their land and the fact that they are the traditional owners of the land and they deserve to have it

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