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“We’re all in the same game; just different levels. Dealing with the same hell; just different devils.” If we take this quote to heart, it would mean that we are all suffering in our sorrows, trying to escape the torment. Some of us are successful; while some of us drag ourselves deeper into the bottomless pit. The escape from torment might be hard or slightly harder. And that is the rules of the game; you start at a level, overcome your devil(s). Succeed, and paradise is yours. A great example of this quote can be found in the narrative play Fences by August Wilson. Our protagonist, Troy Maxson, is dead and we are left to believe that he is sitting at the gates of heaven. His brother, Gabriel, tries to blow his trumpet to let Troy enter heaven. However, the trumpet does not sound, sign that Troy…show more content…
When Fences opens, Bono notes about how Troy has been eyeing Alberta. Troy counters with that “he eyes all women,” (Pg 3). Troy admits that he lusts after women and the way he says it seems to suggest that he’s not ashamed of his actions. Later on, he gets more intimate with Alberta as his other problems start to stack up against him. Later on, Troy has reached his boiling point and feels that he must come clean, “I’m gonna be a daddy. I’m gonna be somebody’s daddy.” (Pg 66). I other words, Troy had sex outside of his marriage. Understandably, the conversation doesn’t end well as the cracks in his marriage show their true colors. What makes this scene interesting is that even though he came clean and has nothing to hide, he continues to see Alberta. The consequences of him continuing to see Alberta is the destruction of his marriage, a child born out of sin (she’s innocent, but he’s guilty), and the unintentionally death of Alberta. Troy’s path to heaven was blocked when his family life was aassassanated and blood and deceit was in his
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