Character Analysis: Is Columbus A Hero Or A Villain

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First to determine whether Columbus was a hero or a villain we need to look at what life was like back then. People were ruled by Kings and Queens on most of the “civilized” countries. But what we call civilized today is not what was considered civilized back then. Slavery was business and very common place. Goods which also included slaves were transported in and out of countries by ship. The desire for riches and stature were important then as it is now but how to achieve it is what differs. Diseases that were common place in Europe are what infected and killed many of the indigenous people. Including at that time a new disease called Typhus. Not unlike what could happen today when civilized people meet tribes of people far removed…show more content…
Explorers, writers, astronomers, artist, scientist and musicians were all bursting with them. The kingdoms and city-states of Europe wanted to open new sea routes to the faraway please that had spices and gold" according to the book “If You Were There in 1942, Everyday Life in the Times of Columbus” by Barbara Brenner. As for forcing religion upon the natives; well it was no different than back when England forcing Christianity upon its commonwealth. Remember the witch hunts in the colonies and how in the name of religion many people were put to death. Please by no means do I condone any of these actions I am just looking at the facts as we know them today. So I do not consider him to be a villain but a man who live in a time that slavery and mistreatment of others was very common place. As far as a hero, well actions speak louder then words and by no means was his actions those of a hero. I think that power without a moral standard caused people to go into a depraved belief that they can do anything to anyone and not have answer for their actions. I was glad to see that later in his life he was arrested, returned to Spain in chains. Even thou he was cleared of the charges he still was striped of his noble titles and wealth according to Now if back then Spain considered him to not be worthy of a noble title then why do we raise him

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