Hills Like White Elephant Conflict Analysis

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The conflict in "Hills like White Elephants" isn't the operation being talked about in the story but rather, the inability of the two characters to compromise and communicate. The characters are built in a way that what is their strongest foundation is also their weakest. As the protagonist, the American is written as a man of well-off background and good education; he has the capabilities to travel the world with his girlfriend and understand Spanish. He is also written as a man of rationale and composure; he objectively views the problem (implied unwanted pregnancy), as something that could be easily solved, yet never once got mad at his girlfriend for, somehow, contradicting his views and ideas. Jig, the American's girlfriend, is written…show more content…
The conflict is when there's an obvious disagreement with what the American and Jig wants. The American persuades Jig to undergo abortion; he wants her to go with the abortion despite assuring her he loves her even if she chooses to keep the baby. Jig, on the other hands, wants to keep the baby and to keep the American with her, doubting the promises her boyfriend is telling her. The conflict then becomes the result of these characters' weaknesses. Jig is shown to be very dependent on the American, even in the bar she depends on him in ordering the drinks because she doesn't understand Spanish. She is too considerate to the point that she almost discards her own well fare and happiness for the sake of making the American happy and keeping him close. The American, on the other hand, is obviously not ready to settle down with Jig; wanting his girlfriend to get abortion to keep his lifestyle of traveling, drinking, and sex. The American is also too rationale; he doesn't understand the context of his girlfriend's words and doesn't provide the emotional support Jig needs and wants; he

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