Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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Capability Odysseus is perhaps the most notorious and impactful Greek hero of his time, but how would his valorous stature stand in today’s world? To expand upon this question, one can examine the everlasting themes of society. (Sri Swami Sivanda 249.192) The three ideas that are necessary for a civilization to strive are spirituality, strength, and hospitality. Throughout The Odyssey, the famous epic poem by Homer, the protagonist, Odysseus, uses all three of these characteristics to prove his heroism that would thrive in today’s world. For the duration of The Odyssey, Odysseus evaluates his spiritual growth. “So, I, too, pined away, so doom and shot to kill me; not that illness overtook me-no true illness wasting the body to undo the…show more content…
“When the young Dawn with finger tips of rose touched the world, I roused the men, gave orders to man the ships, cast off the mooring lines; and filing in to sit beside the rowlocks oarsmen in line dipped oars in the grey sea.” (9.613-617) Odysseus’ strengths are steadily on display as he governs his men and keeps them organized. Odysseus is quick-witted, clever, commanding and decisive which allows him to lead his men, complete tasks and keep in contact with Zeus and other God’s. However, Odysseus is not a one dimensional heroic leader, his curiosity tends to put his men into dangerous situations and he is sometimes inattentive to his men. His men periodically rebel against him and make decisions that reflect poorly upon Odysseus. In today’s world Odysseus’ downfalls would be judged at a much higher degree, and the consequences for many of his actions would be tremendous. However, at the core of his persona, Odysseus displays many of the strengths and qualities that a modern day leader must embody. Courage, bravery, patience and intelligence are all strong qualities that Odysseus personified and still must be present today to successfully complete

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