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All children in your setting must be kept safe and protected from all harm. This is because we are trusted by the parents and carers to look after their child. It is important that we develop a happy relationship with the parents as well as the children so that working together has a positive atmosphere. For many parents especially first time mothers it is difficult for them to leave there child therefore we need to be sure that they are putting their child in a healthy and safe environment. To ensure that every child is safe all staff members must have gone under a DBS check. This confirms that all staff is suited to work with children. As well as staff all toys must be checked that they are age appropriate to ensure that the young child want choke on any small parts. All toys and other objects that the children use must be cleaned daily to prevent germs and illness spreading. All doors and gates should be always closed and locked so that the children are unable to escape from the setting as they potentially could put themselves at danger. All staff should have the required qualification to confirm that they know and understand what their job role…show more content…
They are here for parents to see how we support safe working. These policies are in place for everyone including the staff, children, parents, carers and visitors. This is important for the parents to trust who is looking after their child and a big way to help the trust is a DBS check. Every staff member must be DBS checked especially as they are being left alone with a child. There are 3 types of DBS checks and someone working with children should have the highest degree (enhanced). Children will need physical contact some way or another for example when they hurt themselves. This contact is usually given when they are upset and it is important to know and understand when this is appropriate. Some of the policies in our school

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