Bereavement Coordinator Job Analysis

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Heather Belcher HN115: Human Services Program and Profession Prof: Robin Cooper Unit 2 Project Job 1 Job Title: Hospice Bereavement Coordinator ( Job Description: The Bereavement Coordinator works with other members of a team to help identify the bereavement needs of the patient and their family by defining goals and also address individual needs in order to provide a way to meet the these needs. You will provide the bereavement needs of families through home visits, phone contact, group activities, memorial services, correspondence, and other types of support personalized for each individuals needs. Skills needed for the job, taken from both the job description and your own analysis of the job (Note: Be sure to list…show more content…
You could be going back and forth to different clients with different needs within a short period of time and you will need to be able to handle all situations. Listening skills You will need to have listening skills in the field of human services. Listening skills are important in order for you to know what your client’s needs are. Listening skills are also good when trying to get people to open up and let your client know you are there for them and also to ensure they get the help they need. Computer skills Computer skills would be needed because often you will need to be able to type up documents that are related to your client such as keeping track of their progress, communicate via email to other workers who are helping with a client or you may even need to do research to better help meet the needs of your client. Be supportive This skill is important as a Hospice Bereavement Coordinator, but also in any human services field. Your client will need your emotional support in their time of crisis. For this job specifically, you will be dealing with individuals with terminal illnesses that face life and death issues who are relying on your…show more content…
Your client will trust you with certain information that they do not want others to know. You should not tell your clients information to anyone without his or her consent. Be diverse You will be working with diversity in any field in human services. You should understand that people have different backgrounds and every individual is unique. For example, this could be race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religious beliefs or political beliefs. Everyone has different beliefs and come from different backgrounds and you have to understand and respect that. Knowledge of substance abuse Because you will be providing prevention services you will need to have knowledge of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. You will also need to understand how addiction to these can affect a person and their behavior and the people around them. This is important to help prevent or intervene someone from the addiction of alcohol, tobacco and all other drugs. Emotional

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