Antiestablishmentarianism In 1984

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Kasler, Maxwell (incoming grade level) (parent name signature and contact info) Eric Blair (George Orwell), “1984”, Signet Classics, July 1950, London U.K. SUBJECT: Antiestablishmentarianism THEME: Antiestablishmentarianism is a political view that portrays society is oppressive, corrupt, and unjust. CHARACTERS: Two of the three main characters are quite similar in many ways and truly different in others, while the third stands alone. Winston Smith is a party member with strong, unusual political views favoring those most similar to Antiestablishmentarianism. Although externally he is a calm, ordinary man. “I’m 39 years old, and I’ve got a wife I that can’t get rid of.”. Julia is the rebellious party member, junior sex league follower and girlfriend/mistress of Winston Smith. But at a first impression she would seem to be a member of the thought police. “Girls are supposed to be so pure, here’s one who isn’t, anyway.”. Big Brother is most likely a metaphor for both Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler, “Big Brother is watching.”. SETTING: George Orwell’s “1984” takes place in London during the 1980s, which just happens to be a dystopian era. There is surveillance everywhere taking different forms; such as the thought police, who are basically secret police, and Telescreens which are security cameras also operating as televisions…show more content…
Society. throughout most of the entire book Winston is attempting to resist the party via thoughtcrime, eating a multitude of forbidden foods, and having many affairs with Julia. Winston constantly avoids telescreens to keep from standing out to the thought police. In addition Winston looks down on the Proles as a mass of ignorant individuals with nothing more than their own primal instinct, “His pen had slid voluptuously over the smooth paper, printing in large neat capitals— DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER DOWN WITH BIG

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