Explain What It Means To Be An American

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What does it mean to be an American? Being an American has many different meanings interpreted in different ways. To be an American means taking pride in freedom and claiming the rights of an American citizen. What else does being an American mean? It is time to explore the possibilities. Liberty means being granted the rights of an American citizen. For example, freedom of speech means the right to share thoughts publicly whether it is written or spoken. Americans should not be oppressed for simply using their rights as a citizen. Maybe the right to bear arms speaks loudly to some people. The amendments to the Constitution include this right. Bearing arms is important to many people. Self- defense falls under the category of reasons why somebody might carry a gun. In fact, police officers carry guns. Who better than law enforcement to use the right to bear arms for the good cause of making sure people are safe and secure? These rights are just two examples of what it means to be an American. After all, what is an American without rights?…show more content…
Patriotism, pride, and honor all summed up means knowing what this country was formed for, how it was established, and what it stands for. One example of patriotism is all the men and women today who are stationed around the world protecting freedom. They do it as patriots, because they feel pride, all the while gaining honor. Pride means knowing and understanding all that this country, the United States of America, has accomplished over many centuries. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are all documents that have had a monumental impact on this country. Honor is no less than knowing just how much Americans love their country. America is a remarkable country! What American would not agree with

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