Art Appreciation: The Water Lily Pond By Claude Monet

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Cole McFarland Mrs. Zimmerman Art Appreciation 1 February 2015 The Water Lily Pond By Claude Monet Claude Monet did many paintings. Not only were they paintings, they were oil paintings. The Water Lily Pond was one of these oil paintings. It is easy to tell that it is an oil painting due to the strokes of the brush and the strength of the color. As I studied this piece I noticed that Monet used very little color. There were a lot of greens, few pinks, and a little bit of brownish reds. They are unorganized and blended yet bright which reminds me of spring. It is a mixture between realistic and abstract. It is clear enough to be able to make out what this picture should be, but it is all smudged together, which brings in the abstract.…show more content…
The bridge in the center of the piece looks as if it would be levitating and unfinished. I also noticed the reflection of the bridge in the pond. In the bottom right corner I realized he had given his John Hancock. I also felt as if the wind could be blowing, giving it a little activity. There were also flowers and lily pads that expressed life and calmness. I feel as if this art piece was to symbolize peace and life. Claude Monet was born in Paris France on November 14th, 1840. Monet had an older brother named Leon. His mothers name is Louise and his fathers name is Adolphe. Claude had enjoyed art his whole life, he began dragging at a very young age. He started off with caricatures and sketches in his notebooks. He enjoyed the outside and hated being cooped up indoors. Monet was a decent student, but at a later age he served in the military and was discharged due to health reasons. He never had training for his artistic ability he was definitely…show more content…
He organized it with limited color (lots of greens, few pinks and brownish reds). He used curved or slanted lines, with rectangles circles and different types of shapes. The form was a mix of abstract and realistic while the space was very limited and cluttered. The texture seemed to be so realistic; I felt that if I were to touch it, I could imagine what it really felt like. This piece was very united each part played a great role in the painting. The balance was low to help with shadowing and the contrast was a little higher to bring out the greens. It has some strong emphasis with steady gestures and strokes. The proportion seemed all over even throughout the entire canvas. I felt Monet was trying to communicate happiness throughout it and that he succeeded his

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