Explain Interoperability Between Operating Systems

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Short Answer Questions 1. Outline the basic specifications of current industry accepted: a) operating systems The current industry standards for operating systems are Windows 10, Android 7 Nougat, or MAC OS Sierra. b) hardware; and, Current industry standards for hardware are a processor with 1 gigahertz or faster, a 1 GB RAM, hard disk space with at least 16GB, Direct X 9 or newer graphics card and an 800 x 600 display monitor. c) applications software products. Current industry standards for applications software products are Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe CC 2018. 2. Explain the compatibility of an operating system, in respect to other versions. Compatibility is when an operating system can function properly using two or more…show more content…
Single-user operating systems can only be used by one person at a time. 6. Explain interoperability between operating systems. Interoperability is when a computer can run applications from multiple companies and exchange information with other computers regardless of their brand or model or what operating system they have. 7. Outline work health and safety (WHS) principles and responsibilities, including ergonomic principles to avoid injury associated with using computer systems Occupation Health & Safety are guidelines to keep everybody safe while at work. It is everyone’s responsibility to follow these guidelines. To avoid repetitive strain injuries while using computers, it is important to have workstations set up ergonomically. This means that the chair should be at the right height so that the person’s forearms and biceps are at 90 degree angles to the desk. The computer monitor should be at a height so that the user is looking directly at the top third of the screen and the monitor is about an arm’s length away from your eyes. The mouse should be as close as possible to the keyboard and should be used with a relaxed wrist and arm close to your

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