Essay On Cyber Stalking And Impersonation

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Introduction Although there are many forms of cyber bullying methods in today especially on the electronic devices cyber stalking and impersonation are one of these methods of cyber bullying. Cyber stalking is the use of electronic communication to track someone repeatedly to the point of inflicting fear in to their lives, while impersonation is an attack in which malicious people control other people networks without the peers consent causing harm to them through electronic devices. These two forms of cyber bullying have a lot of similarities in them. The two methods have common similarities they are all controlled through electronic devices and mostly are communicated to the affected people through social media like face book and any other electronic device like computer or cell phones. Also the two methods have very great differences in them for example in cyber stalking there is physical contact between the bully and the affected person while in impersonation there is no…show more content…
The targeted peers have to suffer trauma or mental problem due to problem brought about by the attackers. Most of the people who are stalked most are stalked through electronic device same to those people who impersonate others. Stalkers have caused damage to a lot people physically or emotionally the same cases apply to impersonators they have made very prominent people to have poor reputation since somebody attacked their accounts and interfered with the communications. Also the events to take place there must be someone who wants to gain from the malicious act and in return harm other innocent peoples. Through hackers who impersonate themselves innocent people have lost properties through stealing from these cartels. Also in cyber stalking the main objective of the stalkers is to make sure they damaged the diseased person mentally same to

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